Mini Falafels


The sun is starting to make an appearance (sort of) so if you’re anything like me, you want a lighter and quicker evening meal to make the most of your evenings in the sunlight. These mini falafels are perfect for that. They also make a great lunch or picnic snack and are gluten and dairy free too!

8-10 falafels
1 tin organic chickpeas
2 large garlic cloves
2 medium red chillies
1.5 tablespoons tahini
1 small onion
2 tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 teaspoon cumin
Generous amount of pink salt and pepper
Chilli flakes
2.5 tablespoons coconut flour
Coconut oil for cooking


  •  Start off by simply adding all the ingredients to a food processor
    and blending until even
  • Form the mixture into falafel patties and set aside. Make sure it’s
    solid enough to hold its shape – if it isn’t, simply add more coconut
  • Heat a skillet with coconut oil, and cook each side for a few
    minutes, until thoroughly warmed through
  • Serve on a bed of leaves with a lemon juice, tahini, and garlic
  • Enjoy!